Transform Your Room with Our Premium Blinds

May be you, landing on our page, already have much info about which blind to choose so you can directly land to our shop page. But apart form technical services, we want our layman costumer shall also know some tips to choose the best Blinds in Dubai that adds beauty to your overall interior decor. We provide following types of designs:

If you are not sure about the different variety of window blinds available, Or wandering about what type of blind to buy that would better suit to a particular room of your home or office? Stay with us.


Before you measure up, choose which fitting choice you’d like: inside or outside the recess. Inside the recess is a decent choice for windows in little rooms with a little wall space around them. Its good if you are teaming your blind with your curtains. For bigger rooms, pick a blind that sits outside the wall so that it shall resist much of the light coming from outside.

For a visually impaired that is going inside the window break, accurate narrow measurement should be done. For blinds that fell outside the room measure the width of the break and add 4cm to each side, at that point measure the tallness of the break and include 15cm.

For a visually impaired that is going to hang outside the recess, measure the width of the recess and add 4cm to each side, height of recess and add 15cm.

Choosing optimal side of pulley and catch should be done at time of fitting as accessing them afterwrds can be issue.


Roller Blinds: An typical upside down type of blinds with a cord. To make them more appealing when they’re open, they can have a different fabric or color on either side. Affordable option for informal settings, such as a home office.

Venetian blinds: Slatted blinds made from wood, metal or plastic. it can be an interesting feature to add in sleek kitchens or bathrooms. Metal or plastic blinds are a popular choice for rooms with high intensity of moisture. As you can filter the light, they are also optimal for a home office.

Vertical blinds: Ideal for full size, floor-to-ceiling windows more trending in summerhouses with full light exposure. The vertical blind sections hang from a track and slide to the side when open.

For made-to-measure blinds and curtains, take a look at the at our carpet store in dubai. And follow this advice on how best to clean venetian, Roman, vertical and wooden blinds in your home.