Laminate flooring is one great choice in flooring decor amongst home owners & building supervisors. Yet, people get confuse as see it as wood floor or parquet floor. What Actually laminate flooring is, a cost effective solution to give your floor a real ‘wooden look’. Here at MT Carpets, We provide highest quality flooring accessories ranging from Carpets to Rugs and A vast variety of flooring accessories. Laminate flooring is actually a manmade product that perfectly resembles engineered wood flooring. The layers of Laminate floor boards are made with special material that are ‘laminated’ together to give this product an exceptional strength & durability.

Composition of Laminated Floor:

The epicdermic (top layer) is made from a clear material called melamine giving extreme toughness against wear. The second layer is another special kind of decor paper which gives an extremely realistic appearance of real wood and its traits like lining & colors.

A material called High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is present at middle layer which gives the plank strength and ensures a little expansion during installation process. The bottom layer is also called ‘balancing paper’ as its name suggests, it ensures the plank has no warping, lifts or uneven surface. The strong, highly durable and scratch-resistant features of this floor make it both, professional as well as practical flooring choice for high traffic areas. Additionally, all MT Carpets laminated floors are coated with DiamondShield (c) which protects against abrasion, meaning it is guaranteed for 20 years for domestic use.

Concluding from its features and type of composition it has, Laminate flooring is both cost-effective as well as an ecological choice of premium flooring that not only looks great aesthetically, but also gives you years of wear & durability. The Two types, “Gerbur” & “Quickstep” laminate flooring have quick and simple installation procedure due to the Uni-Click patented locking system, which make sure no adhesives or glues are required during installation.

The laminate flooring is not appropriate for wet areas like Bathrooms & kitchens, yet one of the many benefits of laminate flooring is its pre-finished top layer that requires a very minimum maintenance. Therefore, no need for re-laquering/oiling or sanding as opposed to traditional hardwood floor but at the same time doesn’t fall short when it comes to an elegant look and quality of floor.

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