Rugs are floor covering of thick woven material or sometimes when it comes to “CLASS”, it can be animal skin. Typically not extending over the entire floor but covering just middle of floor making the whole room elegant with its presence. Rugs or Carpets, both enhance the beauty of a room & give warmth and comfort when ever you sit, lay or walk on it.

MT Carpets is well known company for providing most pure, modern & classic types of rugs in Dubai and all over United Arab Emirates(UAE) as well. We offer latest designs of rugs for different purposes & places such like,

  • Sitting Area
  • Halls
  • Single or double rooms
  • office rooms
  • conference room
  • TV lounge.

Explore our wide range of rugs in Dubai & UAE as well. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or call.

We Give Elegant Ideas For Your Home Decor

When buying a rug from us, we always recommend our valued costumer to try their selected rug at home before making a decision. We too know the importance of interior and decor & its relation with Carpets & Rugs. A rug is an add-on to your room’s beauty, so checking the size, color and design in home is one key way to make sure it’s absolutely fits right in that space. It is a technical + personal process, which requires expertise and right guidance.

Only by standing over the rug & viewing them in the space for which they are destined, then you begin to get a feel for what’s right to fit there. Therefore, in order to help you get a clear idea of what’s required, we will always feel delighted to deliver variety of different colors, sizes, textures & designs whit different shapes and let you hold onto them.

To arrange a Home Approval, call us at: or alternately visit our showroom in dhaira, Dubai.

Room Rugs in Dubai