Sisal carpet is made from the coarse fibre that creates friction to form a firm grip, young families can choose this one as its less likely to give any type of allergy to you or your family member. MtCarpets provides best hand made Sisal carpets for your home to add a contrasting border for stairs & hallways or transform a plain sisal carpet to a stunning new look for your home front.

MT carpets proudly offering a wide range of Sisal Carpets in Dubai at reasonable price with efficient fixing services.

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Our Essential Guide to Natural-Fiber Rugs

Natural-fiber rugs have long been the designer favorites. But with such an extensive range of styles & materials available now, how do you find just the right option for yourself? Below, we’re decoding the four most common types of natural-fiber rugs along with their pros & cons and key care tips that will help you

  1. Jute
  2. Sea grass
  3. Sisal
  4. Hemp

Determining Your Needs

Before you buy a rug, keep placement & usage, look and feel in your mind. Do you have kids who’ll sit or play on the rug? You won’t want to pick a scratchy weave that my hurt them even by any chance. Shopping for somewhere with high-traffic spot? Choose a darker hue, particularly, a stain-resistant weave to keep it looking fresh all the time.

High-traffic areas such as hallways, the foyer & entryway, family rooms and the kitchen where there is continues movement. Rugs that are durable & stain-resistant are best for these spaces.

Medium-traffic rooms also get used regularly but aren’t the main thoroughfares for your home, just like dining room or the home office.

Low-traffic spaces include guest rooms, formal living rooms and the bedrooms. Rugs placed in these rooms will get the least wear & tear, So feel free to go for luxe with lighter colors & softer materials.


Jute rugs have a imperfect texture that adds earthy beauty to a room and a pleasant scent that comes from rug. It is the same fiber that is used to make burlap, jute grows in shiny, green stalks that are carefully soaked, stripped & spun before weaving. With help of this process, the fiber gets a natural brown hue, but here at MT Carpets we dye them to give you a classic variety of colors while buying rugs in Dubai.

Pros: The origin of jute fibers is from the plant’s stalk, not the leaves. Hence, the material is noticeably soft; it almost resembles wool.

Cons: That softness comes with low durability therefore, making it best for low- and medium-traffic areas.

Cleaning & Care: Vacuum regularly, and blot spills quickly.


when our core aim is a rug with long lasting ability, Sisal comes in. Made from the plant of sisalana, native to countries like Brazil, Mexico & Africa, sisal fibers are the strongest, toughest of the group also used to make ropes too. Same like jute, sisal can also be dyed and comes in a range of earthy hues.

Pros: Especially durable, long lasting and looks fresh always, sisal is great choice for high-traffic areas.

Cons: Sisal fibers are coarse, so they wont be as comfortable as jute while being underfoot. They become slippery with a lot of wear so avoid using sisal runners on stairs.
Cleaning & Care: Vacuum regularly, and remove spills quickly.