Artificial Grass carpet (Turf) is an artificial way to decor floor or walls to look like super natural grass. Its gives a sense of freshness, its soft and pleasent due to its making. Grass Carpet often used to decorate residential areas, home, lawns. It can also be used in play grounds to play games like football, basketball, and some other sort of games. Especially for the kids it is the best option to play and enjoy with their families. Basically, Grass Carpet is superficial layer of “Synthetic Fibers” which is most important chemical used in preparation of carpet in carpet industry. Moreover it is perfect alternative for the land where found acidic soil, and some other environmental problems.

Why Grass carpet?

There are some qualities and aspects that make Artificial grass carpets more prominent.

  1. By using artificial grass carpet you can transform your unused yard to a marvelous garden.
  2. A grass carpet has no need to fertilize and pesticides.
  3. No require to watering and deep cleaning.
  4. Easy installation and maintenance.
  5. Moss or other insects cannot be grow in artificial grass plant.
  6. Applicable to those areas or places where other grasses perform not well